9th January 20201 Comment

What I learned as a designer from building an app

It's been well over a year now that I released a small app called Collect after months of doing something I've never really done before: coding and actually developing software. That can be scary territory for a designer—it definitely was for me. And although the app is no longer in the App store (I decided to learn other skills instead of maintaining it), I thought it would be beneficial to reflect on some of the lessons I learned while building it.

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3rd January 2020No Comments

Getting good design feedback

When people talk about design feedback, they usually focus on how to give better feedback. While that's good, I believe it's a two-way street and we should also talk about getting design feedback.

I'll outline several ways of how designers can better request and receive feedback.

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23rd November 20192 Comments

On being a good designer

"What does being a good designer mean to you?"

I was asked this question a while back and I've been pondering it recently. I also asked that question on Twitter to see what others think about this. There are as many answers as there are designers and it was interesting to read different perspectives. The answer I liked the most was this:

"[A good designer] must have results, we are not artists."

This especially applies to less experienced designers, who, in my view, tend to focus on pixels over people and outcomes of their work. I used to be the same. Being a good craftsman is nice, but solving problems for people is more important than getting that shadow just right.

I would like to explore the question of being a good designer in a bit more depth and I'll use the rest of this post to explore my thoughts on this.

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